Conversational marketing can help you build customer loyalty, boost retention, and increase revenues. Today’s consumer shopping ecosystem is based on smartphones, social media, and messaging and ultimately consists of connected digital commerce as the primary customer experience (CX). Fortunately, there are solutions to help you build omnichannel marketing and provide an elevated customer experience.

What Is Conversational Customer Experience?

Conversational CX is a process of interacting with customers by use of natural conversation at every step of their buying journey. Conversational CX aims to make each of your touches with a client simpler and more natural. From the initial response to marketing to the final touch of customer service, conversational CX is about making the customer process more convenient. You can offer your customers an easy, user-friendly, and intuitive shopping experience.

Delivering Conversational CX

Getting conversational CX to your customers depends on modern digital technology. Some of the tech you will need for your text marketing program includes the following: Your customers will be found across a wide variety of digital channels. That means you need omnichannel messaging to find and reach them. Omnichannel marketing creates your organization’s presence on multiple digital channels. The channels you select can include websites, apps, social media, and email,

Messaging Channels

The modern conversation experience for your customers uses channels ranging from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, Webchat, and Instagram. Omnichannel solutions providers, such as Mitto, can help set up these channels and reach your customers through them. Messaging apps don’t put people on hold and tell them to wait for an email. Your customers can engage with you with minimal impact to their daily lives. More importantly, they are already using these channels; you don’t have to go looking for them.

SMS Campaigns

An SMS campaign lets you interact with customers through texts. Like email campaigns, an SMS text marketing campaign can reach billions of consumers across the globe. SMS is a ubiquitous communication channel, used daily by consumers to connect with friends and family. Businesses are increasingly leaning on this channel due it it’s widespread reach and its high 98% open rate.

Conversational Apps

Your chosen conversational app is one of the more essential tools in delivering conversational CX. A conversational application is an interface between the messaging channels of your customer and your business. The app will aggregate your clients’ various messaging channels and help you to connect with other critical conversational tools. Some of these tools include:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) using apps like Dialogflow, Inbenta, Luis, and Watson
  • Content Management Systems for creating, marketing, and improving your customer’s experience. These systems allow users to work together to create and produce their digital content. Sanity, Contentful, Webiny, and Agility CMS are current CMS systems.
  • Analytics in digital marketing is using your customers’ behavior to create actionable business information and plans. You can use data from multiple sources to inform your product development and your test marketing strategies. Among the more valuable analytics tools are Google Analytics, Dashbot, and Segment.

CRM Systems

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is critical to your conversational messaging. Any programs you use for conversational marketing must communicate and integrate with your CUM systems. This allows you to keep track of all such interactions and to ensure that each conversation is relevant and customized to that client.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI allows you to automate and scale your conversational customer experience. Working with the other tools already discussed, you can build a current system with the necessary components to remain current and cutting edge.

Omnichannel Software

Omnichannel software allows you to create a conversational messaging strategy that offers a seamless shopping experience across all channels; mobile, online, and in-store. These platforms allow you to access real-time customer information from any channel and connect with your customers on every channel.

Benefits of Conversational CX

Conversational CX’s critical function is simplifying the customer experience and allowing you to act on the information flowing from each customer’s experience. By making CX easy, you can build loyal relationships. The easier your experience is, the more likely your customer will return.

How Can Mitto Help You Build Your Conversational CX?

Mitto offers you expertise across the conversational CX spectrum and does it with pay-as-you-go pricing. You don’t have to commit to an expensive project before you know where you want to go and how to get there. Mitto’s flexible solutions and service customized to your business’s needs will make developing your Conversational CX program a critical and rewarding change in your marketing strategy.