Automatic detection of both authorized and unauthorized software is an important feature

Most businesses have a large assortment of networked electronic devices  — not just computer stations, laptops or servers, but a wide range of peripherals including monitors, multi-function or all-in-one printers, and copiers.

Verifying or fulfilling periodic inventory, preventive maintenance protocols or software and hardware licensing requirements are an important responsibility of the organization’s IT department.

However, this is much more than a bookkeeping task.  In enterprise situations, these IT assets may be subject to leasing and licensing agreements which must be tracked, including for the fulfillment of usage agreements, should warranty service be required and end-of-lease equipment rotations. Companies can also face financial penalties or other sanctions for exceeding these agreements and, most importantly, may face legal jeopardies for using unauthorized, i.e. pirated, software programs, even unknowingly.

Fortunately, automatic collection and management of information on peripheral devices such as monitors, printers, and copiers can be achieved through remote online software. For example, such ITAM solutions can perform speedy asset registration and cost reduction by matching the information automatically collected through the agent. One solution available to businesses is ZeroSet, offered by innovative software company ZeronsoftN. ZeroSet facilitates automated asset management in real time.

“Asset management is a traditional IT function that has gained heightened importance in the modern business environment with respect to cost controls, licensing and intellectual property concerns,” said Changmin Song, the CEO of ZeronsoftN. “Our automated solution helps ensure that this core responsibility is handled automatically, accurately and efficiently.”

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