WordPress is scalable, reliable, and flexible, and its definitely more than just a blogging platform. If you want to launch a small business website, nothing can work better than WordPress, especially with regards to ease of use, design, and user interface. While you can use a ready WordPress theme, customization is necessary for local businesses to thrive and become a brand. There are numerous WordPress developers in Sydney, and in this post, we are offering tips on how to compare the top options.

  • Response time. A professional web design company will take every request and project seriously. How long they take to respond to your email, or call, says a lot about a particular service.
  • Expertise with WordPress. How many websites have designed on WordPress? Do they specialize in other platforms and CMS? Find a company that knows WordPress to the core, and they should be able to show their work through their live projects.
  • Specialization with marketing. If a web design company has experience with things like SEO, it is always an added advantage. WordPress offers a bunch of plug-ins that ensures that your website is ready for marketing right away, so ask about the steps they are taking for marketing, especially on-page SEO.
  • A competent web development service should be accessible and available to take client queries. Regardless of how small the project may be, they should be around to help website owners.

  • It may seem like the most important thing for comparing WordPress developers, but think beyond the estimate. Keep in mind that experienced development services often charge more, because they are great with coding and have the expertise to handle project issues in the future too.
  • If a WordPress web design company claims to be the best in Sydney, they must have known clients on their list. Ask for references and check some of their recent projects, which gives a fair overview of their portfolio.
  • Future support. Managing a WordPress website doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes, it is necessary to get tech support. Web design companies often have maintenance contracts, but at the least, they should be willing to offer support for the website they have created.

Don’t select a WordPress developer because you liked their price. Instead, pay for a service that stands out, even if that means inflating your budget a tad more than expected.

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