Staying in business and creating new profits has become quite difficult as of late, and as the Australian economy begins to slow down, we need to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to us. The global economy has opened up numerous opportunities for all businesses in Australia, and where once our customer base was domestic only, it has now expanded internationally. There are prospective customers out there, right across the world, that want to and are willing to do business with us today. However, something stands in our way and that thing is the language barrier.

Untapped markets.

When you think of the mass markets out there like China and India, there is so much potential for Australian companies, but how can we deal with them if we don’t speak the language. Those calls that you have been receiving, and those emails in a language that is not English are not mistakes, and probably not spam. This is most likely other businesses from across the world reaching out to you to try to do new business with you, but because you’re unable to respond to them, you lose out on these excellent business opportunities.

Numerous services.

Thankfully, there are companies out there who offer other services such as Ezispeak in Melbourne, and these guys are allowing Australian companies to communicate with prospective new clients from all over the world. They offer a multitude of services, but we will explore just some of them here.

  • Real time phone interpreting – This is a fantastic service and they have even received business awards for it. While the potential customer is talking to you, they are listening, and they change the language into your key language which is English. They understand the business jargon used from both sides, and they properly interpret that as well, so both parties are clear on what is being talked about.
  • Ongoing customer services – They can set up a multilingual self-service IVR (interactive voice response) to deal with all customer queries, so that you don’t lose out on any opportunities that would normally have passed you by. There is a massive untapped market out there, and it is their job to help you to get it.

No business in Australia should be missing out on excellent services such as these, and if you don’t move with the times and subscribe to these services, then it is very likely that your business will be left behind, and your competitors will be pulling ahead in front of you.