The darth maul lightsaber was wielded by a red double-bladed lightsaber. However, it was cut into half by 32 BBY hence becoming a single-bladed lightsaber. Maul used to consume the saberstaff on countless assignment for his boss, Darth Sidious. It was done when it was double-bladed.

With this lightsaber, Maul embarked to a mission to eliminate enemies and assassinate Jedi. Maul used the saberstaff to kill;

  • Siolo Ur Manka
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Jedi Anoon Bondara
  • Darsha Assant

The Black Sun criminal syndicate was also crippled with the use of darth maul lightsaber in his mission.

The story continues….

Maul used this weapon to slaughter a group of people in Raydonia. He also used the same weapon to kill Finn Ertay, Grohto, and Ko Solok. All this was done after his return from the galaxy.

Out of necessity, he fabricated his double-bladed lightsaber. He was physically unable to compete with the warrior. Their initial plan ended when he was being battled across the face of his enemy. He would be later disarmed.

Resolving to surprise his opponent, he fell back on his strategic know-how. He did this because he knew he could not beat his opponent via martial prowess.

He then drew on Sith schematics upon returning to his ship.  It separated two lightsabers.  Maul created his new lightsaber after welding the weapons together.


Maul’s lightsaber was composed of two weapons with interchanged pommels, which possessed identical designs. Directly below the beam projection plate and emitter of both weapons was the activator and the modulation circuitry.

Right next to the activator, was a small control lock and a ridged handgrip. The next control was mainly used for blade modulation, with a second set of control locks directly beneath it. The center of the weapon was the joint that was found between the two lightsabers.

He also took considerable pride in the fashioning of the crystals for his massive weapon. in a compression furnace, he Created a set of four synthetic lightsaber crystals. For four days in a row in was in deep thoughts, using the Force to monitor and control the formation of the crystals.

Unveiling the darth maul lightsaber

Upon his return to the jungle, he would later approach Manka once again.  Manka was ready this time. He lamented about Maul’s lack of artistry or honor in favor of pure skill.

Manka threatened him with a combat stance, giving him a last chance to flee. However, he ignited one of his favorite blade of his weapon and first attacked Manaka before charging his staff.

Maul did not manage to sidestep before countering. Seeing that there was no point in waiting, Maul used exactly the same energy he used previously and allowed himself to be disarmed.

While he caught the weapon in his left hand, his opponent Manka rushed inside the Sith Lord’s guard, with his “pommel” and the extended arm of his lightsaber pinned against the Jedi’s own behind while he held his entire staff to Maul’s throat.

This is how the darth maul’s lightsaber was birthed.

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