There isn’t a great online consideration for Big Pharma. It’s seen almost universally as the enemy of the people, with politicians on both sides of the aisle calling for change. With that in mind, it’s not necessarily wise for pharma employees to be using social media on behalf of their business (in many cases).

With a highly trained social media manager, you can craft a reputation that actually benefits your brand, but it’s a precarious position. Additionally, the internet is a breeding ground for people to smear companies due to a personal negative experience and for others to jump on the bandwagon.

You want to ensure you’re creating a positive reputation online, and that you can handle any negativity that crops up, and we can help.

Business reputation

No matter what you’re selling, there will be critics and the internet gives them all a soapbox from which to clamor. Figuring out how to minimize the damage from negative feedback and reviews is a full-time job and not one that you should handle by yourself. Your business reputation is how well you provide the services you charge money for.

This is not the same as brand reputation, which is more about how your business is perceived. You can have a flawless record of providing a quality product, but a few negative reviews online can snowball into an attack on your company that is overwhelming.

Optimizing your business reputation

There are steps that can be taken to improve and optimize your business reputation online:

  • Find and remove negative reviews, comments, and posts
  • Improve your overall online reviews by suppressing the impact of negative feedback
  • Clean up your presence on Yelp and Google reviews, as well as other review sites
  • Create a strategy for handling negative reviews and improving customer satisfaction, properly rectifying negative experiences

Finding a source for online reputation management for businesses is your best bet for effectively handling your company’s reputation.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation is more about how your company is perceived, as we said before. Additionally, how you react to scandals, bad press, and negative reviews plays a lot into your online brand reputation. Having a dedicated social media staff to handle bad reviews, customer complaints, and public attacks on your brand is a very important investment to make.

Having a team for a positive brand reputation is also about ensuring that your company is recognizable. Being perceived as positive or at least neutral isn’t worth anything if nobody really knows who you are.

Impact of negative social media

Week to week, there’s some fresh person or company being raked through the coals about a post, business decision, or other error. You do not want to be one of these companies, because social media blowback is swift and harsh. Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok are all quick to judge, and negative reviews spread like wildfire. The negative impacts of social media for business can be profound and require a professional touch to properly mitigate them.

If someone searches for your company on Facebook and there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of negative posts with no response from your company, it will drive them away from your brand. Yelp, Google, and Facebook account for how the vast majority of people choose a product or service provider. Handling negative reviews and addressing customer complaints is critical if you’re going to thrive.

Net Reputation has your back

We have years of experience in handling negative reviews, mitigating fallout from negative social media, and improving business reputation online. Contact us today to get our free reputation analysis to determine how your online presence looks and how it can be improved. We’re here for you to ensure your business has a sterling reputation, drawing in customers and keeping positive reviews at the forefront of the internet.

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