Keeping your customers happy should be every business’ top priority and thanks to technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365, resolving issues in real-time is possible.

But how exactly does this technology help?

The benefits are nearly endless because Dynamics 365 allows you to optimize workflow and keep your field service reps up to date on all the necessary information. That way, they aren’t left making phone calls or writing emails because they can receive and review the data on their devices from anywhere.

This technology is also useful when scheduling customer appointments and tracking equipment the company has in the field, ensuring that issues can be proactively addressed.

Here’s a look at how integrating Dynamics 365 can streamline field service for businesses of all types and how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Premiere Partners at Dyn365Pros can help.

Giving Technicians the Necessary Information

When you have technicians out in the field, providing them with the tools necessary to complete the job the right way the first time is essential. Not only does helping your technicians ensure they’re available for other jobs, but it also builds customer loyalty because they can trust that the work is being done correctly.

Information Dynamics 365 Software can provide for your field service begins with smart route planning. When the technician has multiple stops to make on a given day, planning the entire route in advance ensures that the most efficient option is selected, optimizing the technician’s time.

Dynamics 365 also allows Internet of Things integration, providing the data the technician needs to troubleshoot difficulties and develop a solution. When there’s an issue with a thermostat, for example, giving the technician access to the system’s information makes it easier to determine the problem.

Finally, there will be situations where your technician doesn’t know the next step to take. Fortunately, Dynamics 365 allows for remote expert collaboration using mixed reality. The result is your employee can receive instant assistance with technical issues without having to call a manager or other superior for guidance.

Efficiently Scheduling Appointments

Another way in which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software can help a business is by optimizing its scheduling. Rather than manually recording a schedule and then passing the information on to technicians in the field, these systems allow every team member to have access to real-time schedules.

Dispatchers can then optimize each technician’s schedule on the go, so once the technician is finished with one job, scheduling the next one in a nearby area becomes more manageable.

The result is a smoother workflow that minimizes travel time and maximizes company resources.

From a consumer perspective, this technology makes it more likely that a field service rep will arrive quickly and on time because the entire workflow will be streamlined. The system can also send texts and leave voicemails that alert the customer on the status of the visit.

Track and Manage Assets

Depending on the scope of your business, your company might have products out there that you can monitor remotely. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to watch these devices and ensure dependable operation by detecting and resolving issues before your customers even know there is a problem.

The system can relay this information to field service reps, who can show up and service your devices without customers even experiencing a disruption.

Once again, the result is happy customers who are receiving excellent service because your technicians are taking care of issues using Dynamics 365 Field Service Software before they’re even visible.

Integrating Dynamics 365

If you’re sending field service reps and technicians into the field, providing them with as many tools as possible can make them far more successful. Also, the more successful your technicians are at identifying and repairing potential problems, the happier your customers will be with their performance and your organization as a whole.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your business is one way to guarantee your technicians have all the information they need to handle these jobs the proper way. Dyn365Pros ensures that you can harness the true power of Dynamics 365 to improve customer satisfaction with the quality of your field service work and improve your bottom line.

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