When did you last use social media to connect with and develop a new friendship?

Online interactions are part and parcel of our daily lives, yet they are limited or directional when we look at them closely. Most people interact with folks they already know on platforms established for members of every age group.

Yubo was developed in 2015 as a platform to help improve friendships while connecting users of the Generation Z population. With various technological advancements and a team of administrators committed to making the site more comfortable and accommodating, the best for Yubo seems yet to come.

The Yubo Live Social Discovery Application

Despite a swiping feature to find friends, Yubo is not a dating platform. Instead, Yubo is marketed as a live social discovery application that endeavors to connect strangers in real-time so they can connect instantly.

Yubo states on their platform, “We were inspired by how friendships tend to form in the real world, where people strike up conversations with those around them.”

The Yubo platform is accessible to users in over 140 countries, though more than 99% belong to the Generation Z demographic. Yubo prides itself on bringing people together despite their diverse backgrounds, languages, and religions.

To help users better connect, the Yubo platform offers an array of ice-breaking tools. Whether through gaming or group livestreaming, Yubo empowers individuals to make friends in the most comfortable way.

To help further their goals of instilling friendships built around genuine connection, the founders of Yubo chose to eliminate social media approval metrics, including likes and follower accounts, hoping to ensure a more authentic and respectful experience for all users.

Integrating Live Safety Standards to Optimize Outcomes

Yubo is a pioneer in the online friendship movement and an innovator within online safety standards. The team at Yubo fiercely defends what it calls its “living document” of Community Guidelines, enforcing standards that lead to a more respectful platform.

Yubo also offers technological advancements, including livestreaming audio and video moderation tools powered by living Human Safety Specialists. Human Safety Specialists are on hand and ready to respond to reports or automated functions that require their attention.

While Yubo has developed a robust series of safety features, including ID verification, they also implore users to take action to be safer wherever and whenever possible.

Yubo states, “When connecting online, it is essential to be mindful that you may not be getting the complete picture of who you are talking to. A good rule of thumb is to keep your personal information private.”