Live streaming social media platform Yubo has a mission. Create a safer online experience for Gen Z — a place they can explore the world and themselves without being targeted by bullies, predators, and advertisers. Below, see some of the actual ways Yubo is taking action to create a safe space for Gen Z.

Listening to Leadership and Safety Advocates

Yubo listens to and collaborates with leading child safety organizations around the world. They want to hear how social media can do better and work with organizations to develop strategies and policies for the platform. And they actively run initiatives to promote a safe space community. Just a few examples of organizations include:

  • National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children (UK)
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (US)
  • Point de Contact (France)

Yubo has also teamed up with government agencies in Australia and France to further build the safe space Gen Z needs.

Popups Ask Gen Z to Rethink Dangerous Action

If a user on the platform is about to share their home address or personal information, a red flag monitoring system will send them a popup message.

These messages can help educate younger Gen Z that sharing your location with someone you only know online can be dangerous. It asks them to take a minute and consider if this is a smart thing to do.

10YO Gen Z Doesn’t See 20YO Gen Z Content

The kind of content a 25YO Gen Z sees and shares may not be appropriate for a younger Gen Z. This can be true even if that content doesn’t break any rules or laws. At the same time, older Gen Z will benefit more from interacting with people near their age.

Yubo addresses this by using AI-supported photo age verification to more accurately verify someone’s age. They then put each new user into communities of other users who are around the same age.

The technology, called Yoti, views a photo of new and existing users. If the technology doesn’t think the photo matches the age of the user, it will request more information to verify their age. This will allow most users seamless signup.

The AI can also identify if a photo doesn’t look genuine, current, or unaltered. In these cases, it may also request more information.

Real People Patrolling for Dangerous Activity

One of the common problems with social media safety is that it’s hard to catch rule-breaking in real-time. Yubo is attempting to address this by investing in an in-house, human team of moderators who view content as it streams. If these moderators see potentially unsafe activity, they can intervene at that moment.

Since more content is created than could possibly be monitored as it occurs, Yubo’s artificial intelligence technology helps moderators focus on making the platform the safest place possible for Gen Z.

A Different Business Model

Many social media platforms rely on advertisers for revenue, allowing these third-party companies to target Gen Z, most of whom are tweens and teens.

Instead, Yubo uses a “Freemium” model. It’s free to sign up and enjoy the platform. But for a small fee, they gain fun features and greater visibility, showing a platform can be fun and safe simultaneously.