According to Matt Davies Stockton, technological innovation has been fueled at a rapid pace over the last century. In the 21st century, the speed hasn’t slowed down and that’s why everyone has incredibly powerful computers in their pockets and daily vlogs see the use of drones. Let’s check out some of the coolest gadgets on the market.

The Gadgets

  1. Apple Watch 7 – Apple has always had an edge over other Android and other platforms when it comes to wearables. The Apple Watch revolutionized the luxury watch market and since 2020 has been selling more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry. The Watch 7 is the best, coolest, and most practical wearable on the market right now.

Apart from its large and bright AMOLED display, sleek design, and powerful processor, it also boasts an ECG monitor that can help you keep track of your fitness more accurately. If you get the cellular version of the watch, you can also go on a run or a short walk to the grocery store just with the watch. It allows you to make cellular calls, use Apple Pay, and listen to your favorite music with your AirPods.

  1. DJI Mini 3 Pro – DJI is able to add a smaller, lighter, and yet more powerful drone to their Miniseries each year. This year it has been the DJI Mini 3 Pro, and it has been nothing short of a technological marvel. Most countries including the US, UK, EU, Australia, and many other countries across the world agree that drones that weigh less than 250 grams are harmless and allow you to fly them with fewer or no paperwork.

The Mini 3 Pro weighs 249grams and conveniently falls into that harmless category of drones. This means you can use the drone with fewer regulations and red tape. However, you don’t compromise on capability since it has a powerful CMOS sensor with dual-native ISO to record stunning 4K HDR video and capture all the glory of most landscapes and skylines.

  1. Sony HT-A9 – You have been hearing about Dolby Atmos as the new marketing buzzword on every product that barely has any form of speakers or has something to do with audio. However, audio enthusiasts know that true Dolby Atmos surround sound is an immersive experience that requires ceiling speakers, expensive hubs, and complicated installation.

Fortunately, Sony has a better solution in the form of HT-A9. The set has a control box with four wireless speakers and can be connected to your TV. The speakers have both front-facing and upward-firing drivers to give you an immersive surround sound experience with the power of Dolby Atmos. They also have microphones and other sensors to calibrate the room they are placed in. So, the setup is simple and easy.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you check out all the amazing and cool gadgets listed above and more. Some of these gadgets are truly revolutionary while others are nice to own and show off. Either way, if you can afford them, try out some of the above-mentioned gadgets.

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