The past year and a half has brought about significant workplace disruptions and forced businesses to rethink how they operate. With staff now accustomed to working from home, companies are actively looking for innovative solutions to running their businesses under challenging global conditions. Unified communications systems have taken centre stage since the onset of the pandemic as a means for companies to transition smoothly to remote working conditions.

Unified Communications: The Ins and Outs

Unified communications refer to the integration of enterprise communications services such as instant messaging, voice, mobile, audio, web and video conferencing, data sharing, call control to name but a few, all wrapped up to provide a consistent unified user experience.

With more than 15 years of experience across Australia, EvotecHLS’s flagship OpenScape 4000 introduces powerful state-of-the-art unified communications capabilities that reside side-by-side in the same enterprise network and on the same system, allowing businesses to leverage and enhance existing communications.

With the potential to scale one system up to 12,000 users and up to 100,000 users in a full network, OpenScape 4000 is a leading hybrid TDM/IP-PBX and an industry leader in Wireless LAN (DECT) with an Active Standby dual node architecture resulting in no calls being lost on switchover. It reduces call times by gathering information from callers before they talk with a live agent, which gives businesses the flexibility to manage exactly how they want to handle inbound calls.

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, complete mock-ups are first built in EvotecHLS’ labs and extensively tested to ensure that the systems are fully functional before being rolled out. Regular health checks are included in the company’s customised support plan to capture potential issues before they result in any service interruption.

With global communications changing, OpenScape 4000 sees teams more connected, more mobile and more virtual alongside having the ability to see when colleagues are available. For a business, this translates to increased employee and team productivity and faster and better results for customers.

EvotecHLS’s Approach

To a business concerned about ongoing service disruptions due to Covid-19, EvotecHLS’s approach to providing reliable solutions has allowed companies to go about their daily activities with minimal disruptions, giving much-needed confidence to staff and customers. This is particularly relevant to traditional on-premise call centres.

In addition to meeting the demands of modern IP-based unified communication systems, EvotecHLS also goes that extra mile by working with employees providing individualised training to ensure they are familiar and proficient in using the new system.

This approach has seen EvotecHLS become Australia’s most trusted provider of unified communications systems, providing communication services and solutions to a wide variety of well-known and publicly-listed companies including Siemens Ltd, Australia’s ASX listed Transurban and Melbourne’s Metro Trains. If your business requires enterprise communications solutions, feel free to reach out to EvotecHLS at [email protected] or Tel: 1300 561 922 today!

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