You have finally decided to outsource your SEO requirements, and the next obvious step is to hire an SEO agency that can do the job. If you are in Sydney, you will find no dearth of marketing agencies. Some are obviously better than others, and as a client, you are required to do your homework to find the right one. In this post, we are discussing more on things that matter while engaging an SEO Company Sydney.

  • Check if the SEO Company has good reviews. While most agencies will be eager to offer references, independent reviews on Google have significant value. You have to be sure that the company is genuine in the truest sense. If you find negative comments, check the areas of concern.
  • Performance of their website. If an agency cannot promote their own website through SEO, you cannot expect much from them for your business website. The performance of their website is a fair indicator of their work profile and expertise. Also, do check if their website design is commendable.
  • Work profile. When you look at an SEO Company’s work profile, you have to check the number of clients they have worked with and diversity in their projects. Keep in mind that an online marketing agency is only worth your time if they have the necessary experience and expertise.
  • Retention rate. SEO is also about client retention rate. You have to check if the concerned agency has enough of regular clients. The average period they have worked on projects tells a lot about their efficiency and capabilities to hold on to a client, because you wouldn’t want to change the service right away after hiring them.

  • Contract requirements. Some agencies do insist on a long-term contract, for which they will be more than willing to offer a discount. However, if this is your first term with an agency, we recommend that you give them a fair amount of time, but avoid extensive commitments right away. SEO requires time, and at least 3 months are required to see a considerable difference in results.
  • After-contract terms and conditions. Over the term of the contract, you have paid the agency for optimized web content and all the work they have done, and therefore, all of that should remain under your control. If they have made any recent changes to the website, they should be made accountable for the same, and appropriate declarations should be made.
  • Some agencies prefer to get a fixed price for the period of the contract, while others want to get a decided amount every month. Either ways, the pricing should be fixed and transparent. Get an estimate from the agency and check how that compares to other agencies within Sydney.

Don’t merely hire an agency because they are cheap. Instead, think of the future, because SEO is one aspect that will be a part of your online marketing plans, no matter how much you spend on paid marketing.

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