Just as Dollars and Rupees are paper currencies, cryptocurrency is a digital one. Cryptocurrency does not rely upon the bank to verify the transactions as it is a digital payment system. Bitcoin millionaire is considered to be the first cryptocurrency created; therefore other types of cryptocurrency which were created later on are collectively termed ‘Altcoin’.

Some of the top-tier altcoins are Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, etc. Currently, the market value of Bitcoin has amounted to $826 billion, which depicts the potential of investing in cryptocurrency.

There is a common misconception that cryptocurrency is illegal in India, which is false. Anyone can purchase, sell and trade cryptocurrency, and it is entirely legal. Want to invest money in cryptocurrency to earn higher returns in a short period, but still confused why? No stress let us understand cryptocurrencies in brief along with some tips on how to start trading.

Let us now discuss some of the main reasons why one should invest their money in purchasing bitcoin.

Potential Of Having A Bright Future

Bitcoin is increasingly becoming more known and massive over time. Its growth chart also depicts that bitcoin will only rise in the future as well. Some countries have also declared bitcoin millionaire completely legal. It is the best opportunity for investors to make a potential profit in the future. Moreover, many companies and popular industries have started backing up bitcoin.

Its Acceptance Is Spreading

There are many rumors related to bitcoin and its legality in India. However, as time goes on bitcoin’s acceptance is widely increasing. Not only in India but also in many other popular countries, bitcoin has a bright future. Since the doubt about the legality of trading bitcoin is cleared by the government, its graph has grown up. It would not be wrong to say that bitcoin is not going down any soon.

High Chances Of Making A Profit

If a person invests his money, obviously he would also expect profit out of it. Similarly, investing in bitcoin has the potential of turning a person into a millionaire overnight. You can purchase bitcoin and further resell it at a much higher price. A high selling price means high profit. By properly analyzing the risk factors and price fluctuations, an investor can have a high volatility rate.

Way More Reliable Than Others

In the last few years, bitcoin has started a revolution of enthusiasm among people. Bitcoin motivates many people to invest money and earn sound returns. However, there are many types of cryptocurrencies in the market. Bitcoin is known to be the most reliable and superior to other cryptocurrencies. It is because of the better infrastructure and stability of the network.


To conclude, it can be said that if an investment is made after analyzing the pros and cons and by adopting a proper strategy, high returns can be earned with lower fraud risks and high transparency. Then why not educate ourselves and let’s evolve with changing dynamics of the market.

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