Staff augmentation has massively grown in popularity in recent years. However, widespread misconceptions still prevent companies from maximizing the advantages of this smart and strategic approach. Therefore, it’s time to bust some myths!


Staff augmentation represents employing a temporary workforce to fill your organization’s specific skill gaps. It’s all about hiring professionals on a short-term basis, accessing the most remarkable talent, and ensuring rapid, cost-effective development.

An important distinction from other employment models is that you retain complete control over the project. Therefore, even though augmented resources typically work remotely, they are part of your team.

Many companies successfully utilize staff augmentation services, but many others still need to figure out their advantages. In light of this, let’s take a closer look at the three biggest myths surrounding staff augmentation and why you shouldn’t believe them.

Staff augmentation myths: debunked!

Here, we refute the top three staff augmentation myths:

#1 Staff augmentation is far more expensive than an in-house team

There is an assumption that since staff augmentation is usually an hourly paid service, it will undoubtedly be more expensive than a permanent employing model. But that’s not the case at all. In reality, the reverse is true:

The service provider covers all major costs when recruiting a short-term employee.

As an employer, you can cut several expenses, including fixed salaries, employment benefits, insurance premiums, etc. Staff augmentation enables your organization to expand its workforce with specific expertise for certain activities without incurring the costs of long-term recruitment. Thus, it’s clear that the prices for these services are below the overall cost of a permanent employee.

#2 There are frequent communication gaps

Staff augmentation services usually have teams in locations other than that of the contracting organization. Therefore, many business leaders assume there will be limitations on time zone compatibility, making it challenging to communicate effectively. However, this is yet another myth.

Due to their extensive professional expertise in distant collaboration, remote workers have excellent communication skills.

Furthermore, there are numerous efficient ways to communicate quickly and share data, regardless of where you are (e.g., video conferencing tools, instant messaging services, and project management software). Platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack make it simple for users to send and receive messages, exchange files and documents, and collaborate on all levels.

#3 Solutions are of low-quality

Some businesses argue that staff augmentation leads to poor-quality work and lower production. But, in fact, by utilizing this employment strategy, you get reliable professionals fully committed to your projects. As previously mentioned, your organization is in charge of project management, and, thus, there is no possibility of any unwelcome impacts.

Short-term hiring of industry professionals will most likely result in superior development and enhanced results.

In most cases, augmented specialists quickly fit in with your team and perform beyond expectations. They may show initiative, creativity, and the ability to identify your team’s missed issues. Additionally, these specialists approach your projects based on previous tasks’ expertise and will likely use the best methodologies and strategies available.

Top staff augmentation benefits

The myths we mentioned above emerge from challenges that businesses can face with staff augmentation and many other outsourcing methods.

However, there are many ways to overcome all of those challenges, allowing your business to reap numerous staff augmentation advantages, including:

Cost reduction

Maintaining an internal team entails expenses, including office rental fees, equipment repairs, and employee salaries. In an augmentation model, the service provider is responsible for these expenses. Since you hire professionals for a specific project, your company doesn’t have to take on the costs of long-term contracts. Staff augmentation allows you to pay for talent within the specified period while saving resources when you don’t need these services.

Finding the right talent

Due to regional, cultural, or other factors, certain businesses may need help finding the right talent. Staff augmentation helps you swiftly and affordably hire skilled professionals, whether you need assistance with a specific project or multiple tasks. Through this practice, you get the ability to choose the ideal candidate with the precise skill set you require.

Maintaining complete project control

While utilizing staff augmentation services, your company remains in total control of your work. Unlike project outsourcing, this strategy ensures that comprehensive project management stays in your hands. This gives your business control over initiatives and the power to mold them as you deem suitable.

Accessing new and objective opinions

Bringing in a temporary employee helps you to gain an accurate view of how things are progressing. Since newly evolving requirements demand the use of novel methods, a new perspective can significantly aid in producing results. Staff augmentation enables your company to interact with a broad group of professionals and use fresh perspectives to advance your operations.

Staff augmentation: the truth behind the myths

All aforementioned myths are, in fact, easily solvable concerns preventing businesses from getting the most out of highly effective employment methods. Therefore, refuting misconceptions and utilizing strategies that connect great talents with companies is essential.

Staff augmentation is one of the best methods to overcome hiring challenges in software development, reduce total costs, and improve overall performance.

Hopefully, you now better understand some of the myths surrounding this approach. We also hope this article has sparked your interest in further exploring this employment option. Nevertheless, remember that staff augmentation may be your company’s powerful tool for keeping up with industry changes and leveraging exceptional benefits.

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