WordPress has grown to be the most popular blogging platform globally and is used by over 60 million websites. It’s a free and easy-to-use content management system perfect for small businesses with less than 50 employees.

One of the main reasons WordPress has become so popular is that its open-source, meaning there are thousands of developers who contribute to its constant improvement. In this blog post, we will cover all you need to know about WordPress website design services to create your own personal or company blog.

What are WordPress website design services?

WordPress is one of the easiest website design software programs for non-technical users. It doesn’t require any HTML knowledge or previous experience with coding languages to have your professional-looking blog up and running within minutes. With over 50% market share worldwide, WP has become the CMS (content management system) solution of choice for bloggers.

Furthermore, there are thousands of developers worldwide who contribute daily towards its improvement, which means that there will never be issues concerning security or compatibility when it comes down to updating your site’s core features. It offers an endless amount of customization options. It is available in over 70 languages, so it will be visible to a large audience whether you choose to localize your website or not.

How much does a WordPress website design service cost?

Although there’s a vast amount of wordpress web design services available, the price range varies from $150 to $400+ depending on what exactly you need your blog for. There are cheaper options out there, but be aware that if you choose one WP template and then change it beyond recognition this would still count as “customization” because no two WordPress websites look alike.

Things to look for while choosing a WordPress website design services

  • Research

Before you decide on a WP design services company, we recommend taking some time to do your research and compare the most successful business blogs out there with their template.

  • Personalization

One of the main advantages of WordPress is that it’s open-source, which means you can find thousands of free themes online. However, even though most templates are fully customizable – they still have coded sections that will remain visible to visitors no matter what.

  • Quality

The best WordPress website design services companies will make sure that their themes and templates are compatible with the latest WP version, i.e., they don’t use outdated plugins and coding languages, which can cause serious issues to your blog’s stability in the long run.

  • Support

Even the best WP template providers will offer you a limited amount of customization and support. However, if you want to change something beyond recognition or if your theme is not working as it should, then you’ll have to pay for additional services.

  • Speed

Due to the vast amount of available plug-ins, some WordPress template providers may end up slowing your blog’s loading speed, which can affect your search engine rankings. Therefore, make sure you test drive a few themes before making your final decision and always look for one with fast page load times.

  • Updates

As we mentioned earlier, WordPress is open-source, which means many developers contribute to it’s the improvement of this platform. A good WP design services company will always ensure their themes and templates are compatible with the latest version, so you don’t have to worry about investing additional money in “fixes” or future updates.

  • Customization

If you want to keep your blog’s design for years, then customization is the key. Customizing a WP WordPress website design service and making it look unique can be challenging and expensive at times, but it will save you money in the long run if done right.

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