There’s hardly any apartment or office area wherein CCTV cameras aren’t installed. For security and surveillance reasons, security cameras are installed almost everywhere so that they can easily monitor and track any unauthorized access. Even though the security settings in the camera are extremely secure and can work efficiently for a long period of time, it is very important to note that regular maintenance is necessary to check if it is functioning properly or not. Here’s why regular inspection and maintenance of CCTV cameras is extremely necessary.

Avoid Malware Attacks 

If you happen to perform a regular maintenance of CCTV cameras and inspect the parts, you can easily find out if it is affected by unexpected malware attacks or malicious computer programs like a trojan horse. Regular maintenance will help you protect your security cameras and hence you will receive prompt responses as per monitoring requirements. Regular software updates from the manufacturer also play an important role in this aspect.

Regulate the Exact Location Which Requires Constant Monitoring 

If you regularly check the positioning of the camera where it has been installed, then you can easily adjust its positioning if its focus is shifted elsewhere. This way, you can easily adjust the positioning of the camera to focus on the area wherein you want constant monitoring and continue to monitor the place.

Clearly Monitor the Progress 

One of the most important factors for capturing clear pictures/video of the area where the camera is installed also needs you to clear the camera lens on a regular basis. Since the camera lenses are sensitive in nature and are to be dealt with caution, cleaning should be done at least twice in a year. This way, the images captured by the camera will be of good quality.

Check the Functioning and Efficiency  

Depending on the type of the security camera, regular maintenance is required. The older the security camera becomes, the more vulnerable it becomes to attack. It is important to do a regular maintenance of these older systems once in 3 months, while the newer security cameras can be inspected regularly once in a year.

These are few of the aspects that justify the importance of regular inspection and maintenance of CCTV systems. Now that you know how important it is, you should never ignore the maintenance of the camera so that you can ward off all the physical and system-related attacks easily.

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