Wondering where to start looking for your next IT job? Here are some of the top paying roles to help you reach for the stars.

IT is the way of the future. Roles in the Information Technology sector are as plentiful as they are diverse, and every business known to man requires a good set of IT techs behind them to succeed. It is the one career path that you can be sure will still be needed ten years from now. If we are using computers, we will need people who can fix them.

So, if a career in IT sounds like the best idea for you to make your millions, here are some of the best paying roles in the Hays IT Jobs pool to give you some inspiration.

The Five Best Paying IT Roles of 2021

Let’s get stuck in to the top 5 highest paying IT jobs as we know them.

1 – .Net Developers

Net Developers get paid by the day if they work freelance. For some, this means landing roles on a constant basis. For those on the higher end of the PayScale, a role as a net developer for a large corporation can land you upwards of £550 per day. That’s the cost of a second-hand car per day, just for showing up to do what you love… where do we sign up?

Want a full time role? These lucky employees can get £70k a year working in a single role.

2 – .Net Developers – Specialist

There are further sectors within the role of .Net Development which can attract even higher salaries. If you handle multiple headcounts, you can earn £68k. If you are a back end developer though, you can see that pot of cash swell to an £80k starting salary. That’s without a promotion or time-served. In one example, a net developer with PaaS experience also earned a £5k car allowance.

3 – Application Security Specialists

Working as an application security specialist you will be responsible for preventing cyber attacks for organisations that specialise in app production. This can be a high paying role, with some skilled technicians earning upwards of £80k per year and lucrative salary benefits. One Application Security Specialist role we found had a package of benefits inclusive of an annual bonus that was reflective of the company profits.

4 – IT Architect

Architects are those skilled enough in web design and development that they can create whole software systems form the ground up. They work with complex code on projects that can take years to complete. These are the type of people that create computer games, design track and trace software, and design programs necessary for day to day internet use. An IT Architect in Manchester can earn as much as £100k annually.

5 – Azure IT Architect

Azure IT Architects have the same role as above, but have the added understanding brought about by having studied the Azure system. This is a complex role that can earn upwards of £120k, particularly if you perform the role inside of London city. Such a role requires dedicated training and study. However, if you have the know-how, it is yours for the taking.

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