Get a screen protector

Most people have been using smartphones for quite a while nowadays. We’ve gotten used to having a touchscreen device with us most of the time. But sometimes people take that touchscreen for granted by not getting a screen protector. If you’re in the market to get a used & refurbished iPhone XR, a screen protector is also something you should think about getting.

Some people think they’re careful enough that they will never need one, but those same people might be shocked to learn that, if the screen ever does get damaged and needs replacement, the repair cost can be as high as $200. It’s trivial to get a screen protector when you think about the headache it can save you down the road. Even if you have a warranty on your phone, having to go through the entire process of sending it in, getting it fixed, and waiting for it to come back is stressful and avoidable, all with just a simple screen protector.

There are also a couple of different kinds of screen protectors out there. There are versions that can reduce glare, or extra resistant versions that can really take a beating to keep your screen safe.

Get a protective case/cover

You might think that the screen is the only thing that really needs protection, but the rest of your used & refurbished iPhone XR needs it, as well. The top, sides, and bottom of the phone are prone to damage if the phone falls, as hitting it on a side or corner (or the screen) could damage it quite a bit. The back of the phone may not be as necessary to protect, but protective cases usually go all around the phone so it’s just a bonus that it protects everything.

I think most people have had that heart-dropping moment when they drop their phone. They hold their breath as they pick it up to inspect it and make sure it still works and there is no damage. This moment is a lot less likely to happen with a protective case, as you can rest assured that the cover will do its job. In the event the case gets damaged from a fall, well, it just proves that it was a good investment, otherwise that damage would have been passed on to the iPhone itself and who knows what kind of repair would be necessary.

Do yourself a favor and protect your iPhone by getting a protective case and keeping it on at all times.

Get a holster

Some people may not like phone holsters. They might say it looks nerdy or lame. But you know what’s really lame? Having your phone get damaged while it’s in your pocket just because you tripped and fell. I’m sure most of us have also heard the stories of the larger iPhones being susceptible to bending while in the pockets. Although that particular issue isn’t as widespread as some believe, it does illustrate a good point that the pockets may not be the safest place for a device like this.

This is especially true if you regularly keep other things in your pockets like car/house keys, loose change, bubblegum, or other objects. Keys and coins can scratch the screen or body of the phone (unless you’ve got a screen protector and case!), and getting melted gum on your phone is just awful.

A nice belt holster lets you keep your phone accessible at all times while keeping it out of your pockets, freeing them up to carry those other items that won’t damage easily. It’s not that you shouldn’t keep your phone in your pockets, but if you do, you just need to be aware of what else is in there with them, and make sure you don’t sit down if it’s in your back pocket. A holster makes this simple by eliminating pretty much all of those dangers.

Be aware of where your phone is

One of the simplest ways of taking good care of your phone is to simply know where it is. Sometimes your phone might be in a position where it’s vulnerable to damage. Like on a seat next to you, for instance, where a friend might come and sit down unexpectedly. Or on a coffee table at the house of a large dog owner, who might see it as a crunchy snack. Don’t fall victim to losing your precious phone by simply losing track of it.

Get the warranty

At the end of the day, even taking the best of precautions with your phone by getting a screen protector, a carrying case, a holster, and being vigilant of its location, accidents can happen that might undermine all of that. Not to say that you shouldn’t take all of those precautions, but sometimes things are just out of your control. A warranty can put your mind at ease, letting you know that if the unthinkable happens, you will be covered and will be able to get a replacement with much less hassle than if you did not have one.

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