Innovative digital solutions for businesses have been emerging for the last few decades. Safety professionals will often leverage EHS software to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Getting EHS software is a huge investment for your business. However, they are not designed to last for a lifetime, even with regular updates. You can get the most out of some within five years before needing a replacement.

Here are the signs which show that it’s time to replace your EHS software.

·       The current system isn’t mobile-friendly

Technology is evolving, and it’s safe to say that it’s either you go mobile or go home. It’s pointless to invest in a system that isn’t mobile-friendly because it will slow down your business processes. Besides, it can make it difficult to handle important tasks on the go.

Consider settling for cloud-based EHS software that will offer you unrestricted access to data on your devices. It won’t matter whether you have an internet connection or not because it will sync automatically. Apart from collecting data, the system should be able to analyze and interpret data.

·       It’s overloaded with features

Be clear about your current EHS needs so that your consultant will find it easier to determine the perfect approach that suits your business. The best ones will even help you design a customized solution that is budget-friendly.

Avoid software that is loaded with too many features. Chances are you won’t need most of them and may face technical issues frequently. Given this, opt for a simple system that is easy to deploy and maintain.

·       Your vendor isn’t reliable

Almost everyone has been proactive about health and safety since the COVID-19 pandemic set in. Brands had no option but to look for solutions. However, several businesses fell for advertising gimmicks of scam EHS vendors last year.

They were disappointed when they discovered that the system failed to meet their expectations. Such systems may be daunting to implement because of the complicated customization process. Ensure that the software doesn’t come with any hidden costs, even if the vendor claims that it’s affordable.

Asking questions during your next purchase will help err on the side of caution.

·       Your employees are dissatisfied

Happy and satisfied employees tend to be more efficient. It’s ideal to start searching for a viable solution once you notice your employees are always complaining about the software. At times, this issue may be as a result of bugs or having to deal with a complicated system.

Endeavor to ask for a demo before investing in any system. The bottom line is that your EHS software must be user-friendly.

·       It isn’t compatible with your tools

It’s common to encounter issues such as inaccurate data when relying on an outdated system. This can be time-consuming if care isn’t taken. Your best bet is to upgrade your system if you’re still entering data manually.

The latest Cornerstone EHS systems are accurate, and you can easily integrate them with other business tools. This helps to promote collaboration which will make your business scale faster.

·       You don’t have access to timely support

Get to know the type of support the vendor offers early on. More so, ask whether it will attract an extra cost. Ongoing support is a must, so avoid hiring a vendor that doesn’t prioritize it.

Lastly, confirm that they upgrade their system regularly as this is crucial for brands that want to keep increasing their revenue.

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