Creating a tech blog is easy, but keeping it running and thriving is another matter. To make your blog successful, you must actively promote it across several mediums. Mostly, you will be utilizing online promotional strategies as your product, the blog, is accessed online.

There are several things you can do in that regard. The world of digital marketing is vast, and we will be selecting the best strategies you can utilize to promote your tech blog. You can use these strategies from email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and more to create a comprehensive promotional plan and generate traffic for your tech blog.

Email Marketing

Blogs are usually attached to an existing website where they work as supplementary content. Of course, dedicated blogs also exist. But in most cases, you’ll find blogs serving a supplementary role for the website. In nearly all cases, visitors can sign up for updates via email. They submit their email and are then added to a mailing list. Then, the owner sends periodic emails compelling visitors to visit their blog and read.

This utilizes email marketing, one of the best forms of digital marketing. It has a high return on investment, and you can target your readers directly and personally. You will use this and email your readers to compel them to read your new blogs. To create these emails, you can use PosterMyWall’s technology email templates. These will take care of the essential design elements. You can then tweak them as per your requirements and go from there. This saves time and energy, and you can create several emails beforehand and send them out periodically.

This example shows the kind of emails you can make with these templates. The designer or maker of this email talks about the best cell phones of the year. They have written a blog ranking the best options in the market and then linked it in the email. Anyone interested can click the call to action button and be redirected to the blog, which they can read at leisure. Something similar can also work for you.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the primary sources of traffic on your blogs will come from people who search for topics on Google. As such, it becomes essential to ensure your blogs rank higher on search pages for search engines. Many people, when they search online, do not even bother to check out the second or third page on Google. Most only check out the links on the first page and go from there.

This is why ranking on the first page and in a good position becomes critical. This is possible via Search Engine Optimization. These are a set of best practices that websites and businesses use to ensure their sites and content rank higher in Google searches. Things such as proper keyword use, images, proper headings, etc. will ensure that your blogs get picked up by searches frequently and are ranked higher.

You must be proactive and update older content since Google occasionally tweaks its algorithm. An updated blog post will have a higher chance of remaining relevant and retaining its rank.

Update Older Content

To ensure your blog is successful and retains its readership, you need to update older published content and ensure it is up to date. Over time your content can become stale and outdated. The topic needs to be more relevant, and you need to optimize it for the current search engine trends. The reason can be anything. But as you upload and publish new blogs, you must also give your older content tender love and care.

This ensures your blog remains relevant so that anyone who wants to read any topic, not only the new ones, can enjoy your posts. This works with search engine optimization and ensures your blog receives more significant traffic overall. As more people check out your blog posts, you will receive a more significant number of clicks, and your blog will become more popular.

Guest Posts

An excellent way to promote your blog and build some topical authority is to invite guests to author posts on your blog. You can contact other bloggers, industry experts, or anyone with topical authority. Since you are a tech blogger, you will most likely talk to other tech blogs, people in the tech industry, journalists, or influencers. Once you reach out to them, invite them to author some posts on your blog.

You can also invite them to sit for an interview and get their thoughts on a technology-related topic. These will be exclusive features for your blog. These will likely garner massive traffic, and people who are fans of these personalities will flock toward your blog. They will also likely check out posts you regularly post on your blog. These guests may also share that published blog on their social media accounts bringing in more traffic.

Getting these guests may be challenging, so you must reach out to many people to increase your chances of getting a response. You must create an email campaign specifically for reaching out to these experts. PosterMyWall can help you there since you can use their templates to create these emails easily and then send them en masse.

Concluding Thoughts

Blog promotion will not happen overnight, so do not expect to see results for some time. You will need to keep at it for a long time, and then you will see results in the long term. Short-term results will only last for a short duration. One of your posts may become viral, and as such, you get a sharp incline in traffic. But that traffic may only be around for a little while, and once the post falls out of vogue, you will be back where you started.

However, a consistent promotional strategy ensures that your gains stick around in the long run. It directs traffic for the blog overall and not just for a post or two.

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