SEO plays a very important role in every business to generate traffic on their website which further generates sales leads. To increase a good amount of traffic on a website, sometimes SEO specialists use different forms of SEO process which can be unethical practices.

Different types of SEO come with different kinds of sources and ways to archive them, this sometimes can include paid visitors, click baits, paid reviews, spamming, etc.

White Hat SEO: The easiest way to define this type of SEO is ethical, legally not objectionable which promotes positive rating as per the search engine website guidance. White Hat SEO generates organic traffic on websites which end up with more real time leads. To follow White Hat SEO process, SEO specialists have to invest a lot of time to make sure that proper keywords are used, website loading faster, website not getting heavyset. In this kind of process content is always a king using high quality content which is engaging and generates natural links set by the user.

Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is an unethical tactic as per SEO Terminology. In a simple term Black Hat SEO does not obey search engines guidelines. The major unethical factor used in Black Hat SEO is spamming by using techniques such as link farming, text hiding and more aggressive methods like hidden links, pop ups, etc. Through automated software programs many links are installed on different pages. Where in white hat SEO content is king and real time content has been uploaded, in Black Hat SEO it usually doesn’t contain any real content but automatically generates sometimes meaningless text. Xrumer Software is widely used to spam online forums and to manipulate different Search Engines. Benefits of using Black Hat SEO can be reaching high link popularity in a short period of time many SEO specialists use this process to earn short term leads as Search engines take time to identify the span.  To fight against Black Hat SEO Method Google keeps giving updates like Panda Update and Penguin update aimed to  develop algorithms to find duplicate copied content, as per the google  guidelines actions are taken on the website to operate link spamming.

Grey Hat SEO: Grey Hat SEO practice is riskier than White Hat SEO and Black Hat Seo since it may lead to banning of websites from search engines if something goes wrong. Grey Hat SEO practice is still very unsure if a given method is going to violate search engines guidelines. Grey Hat Practices includes Paid Reviews, Paid website visitors, Click baits, Link exchange, ets. This Process could improve site ranking without much consequences. This practice is very hard for Google to find since it does not include spamming.  Grey Hat SEO practice also includes more finance budget to spend since it includes paid sources to achieve good ranking. This process is mainly used by users who are looking forward for quick result and want to run this for short period of time.

Some more Sub SEO types include:

Negative SEO: Negative reviews on online forums to decrease competitors ranking and at the same time archiving good rank.

On Page SEO: On Page SEO includes high quality content, proper tags, appropriate traffic, understanding URL Structure. SEO services India will do all of that to enhance your brand visibility.

Off Page SEO: This Include link building, social media marketing, positive reviews on online forums.

Seo generally takes time to get implement but end results are truly worth it. Web development company will do all that for you at very affordable prices.