When you’re evaluating your contact center, you undoubtedly look at the average time spent on a call and first-call resolution metrics (FCR). High FCR rates, coupled with low talk time, are key goals for contact centers. Improving FCR can provide many benefits to your business, including reduced costs, improved employee productivity, and a better customer experience.


Using Contact-Center AI Technology to Improve Contact Center Results

What if your customers could find the answers they wanted easily? Or, speak to an agent who already knew their full history every time?

Does that sound too good to be true? Not if you use contact center AI.

The goal is to serve up as much relevant information as you possibly can before needing to have a person get involved with a customer. You want to make your search smarter everywhere – on your website, in your apps, and even in your chatbot. AI enables you to use interaction data and customer information to serve each individual customer the answers that address their queries. Automatically tailoring content to each individual, and giving them relevant information along the way, really helps empower your customer-service organization.

An AI-powered customer service solution makes every customer experience relevant and useful and enables you to create a powerful customer self-service capability. Quickly connecting customers to answers and gathering insights, even across silos, can make a big difference in the speed at which you resolve customer issues and your ability to improve your processes on a go-forward basis.


Increasing the Proficiency of Your Agents

Empowering your agents with full insight into a customer’s journey will enable them to solve known issues quickly and easily. Your agents will be able to:

  • Give customers the help they need inside your app or SaaS product, so they can get things done without ever leaving.
  • Use personalized content recommendations to help your customers self-serve.
  • Get insights into how specific groups discover and use content, and see if content gaps exist.

As more relevant knowledge is automatically presented to your agents, they become more proficient in solving complex issues without escalation. More challenging work keeps agents motivated to perform at the highest levels in your support organization. Happier agents lead to less attrition and higher employee loyalty.

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