Have you ever felt eye pain or headache after spending a long time in front of the computer? Of course, you have, you are human too.

We can’t complain about technology as it indeed has made our lives simpler. Wherever we are, we are always helped by technology. It is hard to find a workplace that still doesn’t use computers or laptops in this digital age.

If it wasn’t for our devices, we won’t be able to work or chat with friends or family during the lockdown. But, this digital world has a downside and while you may not feel it, your eyes do.

For those who work for extended hours on computers or laptops, eye pain or vision distortion is not a new thing. Computer work is visually demanding. If you don’t take care of it, you will be left with a set of temporary vision-related symptoms. Thankfully, there are computer glasses to help us out.

What is computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain is a group of vision-related problems that are triggered due to prolonged usage of computers or other digital devices.

You can have this even when you are playing video games on your 4K monitors or reading stories on your Kindle. The intensity of these symptoms depends on the amount of time you have spent on your screen.

While you can practice healthy screen habits to keep this condition at bay, the best way is to wear screen glasses. These glasses help your eyes to meet the demands of screen time and don’t let them feel tired or worn out.

What are computer glasses?

Blue light is filled in our digital devices. And at the workplace, you have computers and laptops all around you. It is safe to say that modern workplaces are filled with blue light that affects your visual performance and leads to eyesight problems in the long run.

It is almost impossible to dodge blue light at the workplace. But you can’t afford to put your vision on the line. So, what’s the solution? Computer glasses!

Made specifically for screen time, computer glasses are loaded with advanced filters on their lenses. They optimise your screen view and help your eyes focus better on the screen.

These glasses have blue light filters that protect your eyes from blue light harm. Also, the anti-reflective coating reduces the reflection of the light that bounces off the screen and hinders your visual field.

Just like there are computer glasses for office goers, you can also get gaming glasses in the UK if you spend most of your time gaming. These glasses are just like computer glasses except the design is fit to wear over your headsets.

Benefits of computer glasses?

No one likes to put up with eye strain or headaches. It’s better to wear glasses and ward off these highly uncomfortable problems.

Computer glasses block blue light, reduce glare and optimise your intermediate vision so you can see the screen clearly. They also improve the contrast on your screen so your eyes can focus easily on the texts or images on the computer or laptop.

Do not strain your eyes with computer work. Buy online spectacles with computer filters and wear them when working on screens in the office. They will enhance your vision as well as work performance.

What else can you do?

Apart from wearing computer glasses, there are other steps you can take to dodge the vision problems associated with screen time.

  • Take breaks from screen time. Step away from your screen every 20 minutes. Doing this will give your eyes some time to relax and feel refreshed.
  • Take vision-supporting nutrients that make your eyes healthy and improve their functionality.
  • Practice eye exercises or yoga to keep away from focusing problems. Spending prolonged hours on computers can make you nearsighted over the course of time. Practising these focusing exercises will keep your distant vision healthy.
  • Use the screen filters so that you are not exposed to high amounts of blue light emission.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours which your body requires to feel re-energized. It gives your eyes the break they need and prepares them for a busy working day.

Computer glasses are a must-have tool when you are aiming to reduce visual discomforts from digital devices. Online eyewear companies offer special offers on glasses so that more and more people use computer glasses and say goodbye to digital eye strain.

Make changes in your screen habits and cover your eyes with the best computer glasses. It will preserve your vision for a long time in the future.