Normally, when factories or other users of industrial electric motors need new ball bearings for their equipment, they contact a bearing distributor to find them the parts they need. We certainly understand the convenience of doing it this way. Calling a distributor is sort of like “one-stop shopping.” You tell them what you need, and they go and find it for you.

But what if you already know exactly what you need? Do you really need to still go through a distributor who is going to mark up the price of the bearing you’re purchasing (sometimes dramatically)?

Some bearing companies don’t sell directly to consumers, making it necessary for you to go through distributors to get the bearings you need, but at CBR Bearing, we sell our ceramic hybrid ball bearings to the public. We ship them directly from the California-based bearing lab where they are made, saving you both time and money. You don’t have to wait for the bearing distributor to find the bearings you need and have them shipped to you, or pay the middleman (the distributor) for his time.

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, you can still call CBR Bearing. We are happy to speak with you to make sure you get the right parts to get your equipment up and running again. We can also answer any questions you have about the benefits of ceramic hybrid ball bearings versus traditional steel ball bearings. Bearing distributors often have broad knowledge about the different types of bearings on the market, but since we are ceramic bearing specialists, we can go deep into details about them. Ask us anything!

Saving money is certainly at the top of everyone’s list when they are buying parts and equipment. You may assume that you are saving money by going through a distributor because they are shopping around for the best price on the parts you need. This is probably not the case. Because of the amount that distributors mark up the cost of the bearings they sell you, any savings are more than wiped out.

Don’t underestimate the amount of money you can save by cutting out the middleman and coming directly to CBR Bearing for your ceramic hybrid ball bearings. The savings can be substantial! Our market-direct pricing often comes as a pleasant surprise to our customers, especially considering the quality of our ceramic bearings.

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