SAP business technology platform 

SAP business technology platform is a platform that offers services focused on intelligent enterprise. The user can enjoy two different types of SAP BTP. Firstly SAP BTP, a neo environment focused on the cloud capabilities available from SAP’s data centres, allows users to connect to SAP ERP solutions. Secondly, SAP BTP, a cloud foundry environment focused on the data centres that meet a specific set of requirements, SAP BTP also allows users to enjoy more extensible options such as hyper-scale vendors.

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SAP BTP functionalities 

SAP BTP provides four main functions, each one of them are described below:

  •     Analytics 

SAP BTP allows its users to perform all types of analytical functions, from simple to advanced. The tools that are used for analysis include SAP analytics cloud, SAP BusinessObjects BI, and more. With better analytical solutions, the demands can be met efficiently and quickly.

  •     Application development and integration 

The main focus of application development and integration is on the creation of custom apps and extensions that are specially designed for performing some specific business purposes.

The applications and services developed by SAP BTP can also be utilized, and the existing applications to utilize the maximum resources.

  •     Database and data management 

Better data management and storage can be accomplished in several ways by using various services provided by SAP clouds, such as SAP HANA, MongoDB, Hadoop, SAP Vora, and more. Data can be updated, cleansed, created, managed, and modelled easily with solutions of SAP.

  •     Intelligent technologies 

A set of intelligent technologies is provided to the customer, including SAP intelligent robotic process automation, SAP internet of things, and more. Many lower-level business services can be automated with these intelligent solutions, and interactive chatbots can be developed. In addition, due to automation, stronger databases and higher solution security can be achieved.

How can SAP cloud provide network security? 

Many threats surround networking like account hijacking, exploitation of data, and many more. SAP secures the cloud system efficiently using many efficient tools like single sign-on, code vulnerability analyzers, basic authentication, SAML, client certificate authentication, and many other types of encryptions. Click here to know more about what the sap cloud is capable of.

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