Why it is important to use an SEO Plagiarism Checker?

SEO should be part of any marketing campaign as it brings traffic to the website. However, it should be a long term strategy.

Google changes its algorithm regularly based on several parameters to stay ahead of search engine optimization. (SEO) tools and SEO plagiarism checkers interfere with Google’s ranking algorithm.

These sophisticated algorithms take into account many factors like using target keywords, creating original content, and others to rank contents on various pages.

SEO Is The Most Significant Thing For A Writer

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SEO takes some time to affect any website’s rankings and traffic. Thus, while using SEO is essential for any website, it is equally important to use good ones.

Using content shortcuts in SEO optimization does not help but, in turn, can be detrimental to any website. Agencies have used shortcuts for many years before Google found out a more sophisticated ranking algorithm.

In an attempt to prevent mediocre content that doesn’t serve any value to a website from coming up on top of its search engine, Google has devised ways to make shortcuts useless and, in some cases, potentially detrimental to a website.

Some ways in which Google cute down on SEO shortcuts interfering with page ranking are:

  • Preventing automation

Any SEO shortcut serves to cut down the amount of time it takes for websites to acquire traffic. Over the years, web developers have built thousands of tools to automate parts of SEO.

However, Google has inserted special features into their algorithm that helps prevent people from gaining benefits by using such automated shortcuts.

SEO Ranks Depend On Varied Parameters

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The site’s ranking depends upon several unique parameters, each carrying different importance, like whether the content is unique or if it has been plagiarized.

  • PBNs and buying links

Google can also track certain backlink patterns to find if the content is original or not, the most common being private blog networks or PBN’s.

Links represent a vote of confirmation from another website, suggesting that the content it links to is of high quality, but backlinks from a PBN are voting for oneself.

Sometimes, links are even bought to make them appear as natural links. But manipulating it is not easy in Google’s new algorithm. It is essential to mention that automating comments on websites is a punishable offense.

  • Tracking social signals

It’s believed that the Google algorithm takes into account signals from social media websites as popular belief suggests that these quality pages can get high traffic.

Thus, it is automated for SEO shortcuts. ‘Fake’ social signals are created to share posts online. But for Google’s algorithm, it is easy to find which signals are fake and which aren’t.

The SEO Rank Depends Largely On The Originality Of The Content

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Hence, it is essential to create original content and check your article for duplicated content, using the paid or free online plagiarism and grammar checker. It’s the most essential utility of the SEO plagiarism checkers.

These paid and the free plagiarism checkers search content on the web to detect plagiarism and build a genuine article.