How do you tell prospective clients what you’re capable of? The best way to show your skills is to show your clients what you’ve already done.

If you’re a new freelance website developer or own a designing studio, building a portfolio website is one of the very first things you need to do. A portfolio website helps you showcase your work more profoundly and let your prospects understand your work quality.

If you’re an experienced freelance web designer Adelaide, you probably have a portfolio. But Do you remember when you last updated it? Updating a portfolio website is necessary. Your portfolio should be a flourishing online document that always highlights your very best work.

While resembling other web designers’ portfolios can undoubtedly give you some good ideas, it’s also essential to have a checklist of elements you should incorporate in your portfolio. That’s what this blog is for. This blog lists seven vital factors that every good web design portfolio should embrace.

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#1. Highlight Your Very Best Work

You may think this is understood, but if you haven’t renewed your portfolio in a while, the work that you advertise may no longer be your best work.

Your abilities have likely developed with your increasing experience. Also, trends and technology change. What was once striking may no longer be effective.

Don’t let your portfolio get dried. Please make a list to review it every few months. Whenever you develop a new website, ask yourself whether the work should be included in your portfolio.

#2. Mention Your Challenges

Did you recently learn new skills or tools? Maybe you just solved some major problems related to the client’s problem. Highlight these skills and achievements on your portfolio website as they can become your selling points for your web design business. This is a great way to highlight your knowledge and abilities and let the world know about your successes.

When you update your portfolio, don’t forget to include attractive samples and samples of any unique skills you have mastered.

#3. Add Explanatory Text

Your portfolio may be visually beautiful, but you can’t assume that your everyone will understand the value of what they are observing.

Adding some explanatory text with your web design will help your prospect understand your work clearly. The descriptive text helps your prospects to know the exact outlining of portfolio samples. Describing why each sample is necessary also gives you the fortune to sell your abilities.

Always add a contact form to your website so your prospects know how to contact you. Adding a CTA button in every project can help your prospect to contact you immediately.

#4. Your Logo

Logo plays a vital role in increasing your brand value. Always add your logo at the top and bottom of the portfolio website. Also, add your logo on every page of your portfolio, along with your contact details.

#5. Highlight Your Awards

Your portfolio should comprise your recent achievements. It shows how much you know about design methodology and technologies. Mentioned all your achievements on the homepage of your website.

#6. Add A Brief Bio

People love to know who they’re contracting with, and your web design clients are no exception. That’s why including your brief bio with your professional photo can help you tell more about you and your educational background.

The bio you have written in your portfolio shouldn’t be your life story. There is no need to write a long paragraph about yourself. Just write what makes you different and capable of handling designing projects.

Usually, it’s a good idea to host your portfolio on your website if it all possible because that provides you full control over it. If your portfolio is on a site you own, you can make sure to add all of the details we discussed above. However, you may still choose to showcase some of your work on a community portfolio site.

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