More and more medical professionals are turning to practice management software to help run their practice due to the many benefits it offers. If you have been contemplating the idea of practice management software or want to know why it is so popular amongst health care professionals, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve listed 5 of the top reasons.

The safest way to maintain confidentiality

Rather than having confidential records stowed away in the clinic, which are at risk of theft, damage or unauthorised access, files are stored safely and securely within the software management system which is encrypted and protected with state of the art security to ensure absolute privacy of patient data. It can also be set up to restrict, allow full or partial access to certain staff members. Practitioners can have complete control over who sees what and what permissions they must have to undertake certain practices. You can see changes to cancellations, appointments, and notes and who has made alterations or changed information. It is the safest and most effective way to protect patient and practice data. With privacy and confidentiality being an integral part of providing health services, it is an attractive feature that ensures the practice runs to the highest industry standards.

Drastically reduce errors

More often than not privacy breaches and mistakes are the result of human error. Because of this, many health professionals are turning to practice management software to keep digital records of their important information. Practice management software has billing, Medicare and insurance processes integrated into the system. It allows administrative staff to generate correct invoicing for patients, health funds and insurance companies with one click of a button. It enables the practice to document and record up to date information quickly and efficiently. The software can also track changes and pick up on any errors in the data to ensure it is accurate. Data can be collected on various devices which enables the provider to fill out the information in real-time with the patient rather than speaking with them and entering it into the system later which further reduces the risk of mistakes.

Better Patient Care

Practice Management software takes care of monotonous and repetitive everyday administrative tasks which means your staff can focus on patient interactions and other important areas of the business. Engaging with patients builds strong patient relationships and is the best way to get them to be proactive about their health which can increase the number of services they see you for. This not only provides better health outcomes, but it can increase revenue, so its win, win. When patients have positive health care experiences and are trusting of those handling their care, they are more likely to follow through with the provider’s recommendations and will make more appointments to improve their health. Practice management software uses simplified scheduling to alert patients of upcoming appointments via text message, phone, or email.

Increase productivity and revenue

Health care professionals that use practice management software find that their practice runs far smoother than before they had it. Those who use traditional admin processes are paying staff to manually complete tasks that are automated via practice management software. It allows professionals to streamline processes such as billing, appointments, and meetings. Because of this staff are more productive during the day which is saving you money. You can increase revenue in various ways, such as setting up online bookings which means people can make appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week not just in business hours. You can utilise the latest billing technology to get payments in full and on time. Additionally, you can analyse every detail of your business with features such as financial reporting, missed appointments and incoming and outcomings. Practice management software provides performance summaries each week to alert you of areas that need improving and to help you and your team reach the goals that you put in place.

Everything can be run from the one place

Everything is integrated into one convenient location which allows both the provider and office staff to run the practice seamlessly and save time on having to manually transfer information. Manual processes are not only time consuming but it is more likely that data will be duplicated and errors will be made and not picked up straight away. Practice management software allows you to communicate with patients and other health providers using templates, staff can access information and troubleshoot queries from the system without having to track a superior down or manually source the answer. You can set up visual reminders for breaks and schedules, add clients to waiting lists to fill spare appointment slots and attach images, documents, and files to patient records so they can be accessed quickly.

Manual processes are slowly being phased out

The reality is most things are run digitally these days and practice management software is the way of the future. It maintains a high standard across all areas of a clinics practice. Most professionals aim to be proficient, practice management software just makes it a whole lot easier. Here at Nookal, we provide innovative practice management software to health care providers and we believe that it can improve your practice. Not convinced? Try us for 30 days, obligation-free and decide for yourself.

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