Ecommerce personalization is the process of delivering specific information relevant to every visitor of a website.  With the user’s experience being personalized, companies can show content in real-time, specific to the user’s needs and goals. The process of personalization has many benefits for visitors and helps to bring positive results to eCommerce websites.

This article suggests 3 main benefits of using eCommerce website personalization.

Adds professionalism to the website

Creating a custom-made experience is made possible through the collection of personal data.

Personal data is based on the user’s search history, past purchases, browsing behaviours and demographics.

The website recognizes the visitor and thereby can adapt and adjust the whole experience to meet his expectations.

Ecommerce website personalization can take many forms such as product recommendations, targeted information and offers.

It is a powerful service that adds professionalism to a website, which can reassure the customer and give him a sense of trust.

Enhance customer/retailer relationship

Understanding a customer’s needs is crucial when it comes to marketing.

Presenting exclusive content and products to a visitor helps to build a stronger connection between him and the company.

By collecting personal data, the website remembers the user’s choices, creating a positive impact on the customer’s behaviour.

The visitor’s time is precious and must be taken into consideration. Creating a personalized experience for each customer allows them to be guided efficiently and rapidly towards their goals. This helps to reduce the time in searching for what they are looking for.

Each visitor has access to custom made content that answers their desires, guiding them to take action. It remarkably improves their individual experience, and encourage them to visit the website again.

Increase conversion rates

Using eCommerce personalization avoids presenting the same content over and over again to all visitors.

Sharing unique information to each user decreases the risk of losing their interest and wasting their time over products or information they do not wish to see.

Thereby, the customer can engage directly with the personalized content that is proposed to him.

In eCommerce, multiple factors can contribute to a higher percentage of conversion rates. Providing a welcoming and well-organized site is important not to drive visitors away, making it easier and more enjoyable to navigate through the website efficiently.

When a customer’s needs and desires are understood, he is more likely to trust the company and therefore purchase an order.

Delivering an optimal experience that makes the customers feel special entice them to visit the website again in the future.  For that reason, the conversion rates of eCommerce websites can radically increase.

Ecommerce website personalization holds many benefits for the visitor and the company.

As explained further up, treating each customer with an exclusive experience tailored to their needs and desires helps building a connection with a potential buyer. The process of personalization in eCommerce can significantly improve customer satisfaction, which can lead to a higher percentage of conversion rates and an increase in sales.

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